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Q. Can I send my medical bills to the hall?

A. No, all medical bills must be submitted to the Local 102 Welfare Fund Office at 1210 Route 22 West; Mountainside, New Jersey 07092 (the address is on the back of your insurance card.) This will insure that your claim gets processed as quickly as possible.

Q. I'm moving. What is the process of notifying the Local of my address change?

A. When you change your address you must notify our main office (1-800-308-1102.) Our office staff will in turn notify all the other parties that need this information.

Q. I'm a teledata trainee working on a prevailing wage job. What rate should I be getting?

A. If the job has 16 drops or more, you should be receiving the corresponding "A" apprentice rate, i.e., if you are a second year trainee, you would receive second year "A" apprentice money. Also, your crew on the job would have to be in a 3-to-1 journeymen to apprentice ratio.

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